Philippa and Angela

Several months prior to knowing that Beechfields would play a significant role in our lives, I had an encounter with its co-owner, Dorothy in the local churchyard. We chatted for a while and I was immediately impressed with her kindness and concern about my mother and the offer of a wheelchair should we ever need one if taking Mum to our fathers grave.

Some time later, Mum decided that a move to residential care at Beechfields was appropriate and at the end of March 2017, she made the move.

The peace and calm of Beechfields were immediately apparent and it appeared a haven of tranquillity amidst an otherwise busy world.

During the time since Mum made the relocation to Beechfields, we have been impressed with the extremely high level of care provided by all the lovely staff, each one bringing something special and unique to the home. As Mum’s family, we have always been made welcome and involved in aspects of life at Beechfields including concerts, garden parties, choir visits and special occasions for other residents! And cups of tea and cake are always forthcoming!

We have always been advised of any special issues that might affect Mum and have every confidence in the care at all times.

As well as the human family at Beechfields, there is usually a greeting from one or two of the assortments of animals-three dogs, one cat, two donkeys, tortoises, chickens, budgerigars and tropical fish! Something for everyone.

Mum loves walking and although no longer able to walk very far, there is usually someone who is happy to accompany her on her wanderings, come wind or rain!

Thanks to all at Beechfields for ensuring that we do not have to worry about Mum and for all your care and concern.

Sarah, Ted, Tony and Margaret

We thought that we would like to take this opportunity to let you know how delighted we are with Beechfields. Mum has settled in really well and is always saying how lovely her new home is. It is such a relief to know that all Mums needs, both physically and psychological, are being taken care of. Your staff have made Mum and ourselves feel very welcome and are always very attentive to all her needs. We have observed that all your staff treat the residents with such kindness and patience, its lovely. We therefore must congratulate you on creating such a friendly, homely, comfortable (tasteful!) environment for everyone. Your home should be held up as a great example on how we should be caring for our elderly.

Patricia and Margaret

As a family, we have had connections with various care homes and we have come to the conclusion that Beechfields is in a higher league all of its own. It is unique. We feel so very fortunate that, when the care home that my mother was in closed unexpectedly, there was a room available for her at Beechfields. My mother receives excellent and outstanding care.


Beechfields is an environment similar to being cared for by ones own family in your own home. It is extremely pleasant and homely with amazing views across the countryside from each bedroom. The resident dogs, cat, budgerigars, sheep, donkeys and chickens are part of whet helps Beechfields so homely.


The owners of Beechfields are extremely approachable and provide a friendly, relaxed, happy home. The staff that work in the home are equally approachable, happy and friendly.


My mother is given excellent personal care in a sensitive and gentle way, maintaining her dignity and allowing her to feel that she is still in control. Her room is always spotless. The staff are very vigilant in spotting the things that my mother needs support with.


The food is home cooked and excellent. Meals are eaten around the dining room table with the other residents, if wished, again providing a homely, family atmosphere.


The residents that are able, are taken on outings and encouraged to sit in the garden when the weather is pleasant. My mother is also being taken by the staff to visit her sister who lives in another care home.


We are so grateful for the care that is being provided at Beechfields. It has taken a huge weight off our minds knowing that my mother is receiving the best possible care.

Fiona and Anne

Thank you so much for looking after Mum for the last two years. When Ian and I first visited Beechfields we were impressed by the fabulous warm, homely and loving atmosphere and delighted that Mum was able to move in. It has been a blessing for us to know that Mum was in a place with such wonderful and caring staff.

Maureen, Mike and Joan

Dear Dorothy Cliff and Kate

Mike and I felt we should let you know how much we appreciate your loving kindness given to our Mum, and the attention shown to all of your ladies is second to none, a standard of excellence that money cannot buy. You have extended not only Mums life but it’s given Mike and I peace of mind at long last of her being cared for in such a special way. Thank you is a small two words but its meaning is so big.

Thank you and your angels


Gillian and Roger

Beechfields being so small is able to offer a place of peace and security for those who are fortunate enough to live there. The setting is beautiful and being attached to your family home gives it a special atmosphere… I know Mum loves the fact that little Emma and Poppy are about, she loves watching them playing in the garden and courtyard. The presence of various dogs, cats, sheep, donkeys, tortoise, fish, chickens and other birds all add to the ambience of the place! I was especially struck on my first visit that outside each bedroom window there are bird feeding tables… a lovely idea. Mum has now been a resident at Beechfields for over two years and in that time there has been a consistent team of carers which I think speaks volumes. I have always felt welcome when I come to see Mum. Mum’s room being made as homely as it can be with her pictures carefully hung on the walls and her possessions around her. My siblings and I are so happy that Mum is where we feel confident in the knowledge that she is well looked after and cared for.


Thank you for all the care and kindness you gave my mother during her stay with you. In the last year she had really begun to feel at home at Beechfields and this Summer enjoyed Kate’s wonderful wedding as well as simply sitting in the sun with the other residents for tea. She always hated getting up but looked forward to Cliff’s morning visit and to the porridge of course and loved spending time with you Dorothy. She of course adored Ruby and Daisy and how they didn’t both gain weight dramatically as a result of her “secret” feeding with titbits I will never know.

Mum did more in the last 18 months with you than she had done for years as she had become such a reclusive after my father had died. You helped her take an interest in life again, to enjoy the company of others and to go out and enjoy new experiences, these gave her genuine pleasure and some happy memories.

You have also been a great help to me, thank you for all your advice and support and some much needed humour.

Beechfields is a very special place and I am so pleased that Mum was able to share in the home you have created.